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John Frusciuante Daily
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This is a community dedicated to the guitarist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Frusciante. Of course, if you're here, you know who he is, so that information is pretty much unnecessary.

The community is mainly for sharing pictures of him, but non-image centric posts are also welcome, so long as they relate specifically to John or the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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image made by the fantastic bloody_adorable

Rules and Guidelines
I want to keep things as casual around here as possible so that it's just a fun place to be. However, certain things will not be permitted in any way.

1) There will be no flaming/disrespecting any of the members of this community, the band, or anyone related to/involved with a band member. Your are more then welcome to have your own opinion, but if you can't share it in a mature way, then this is not the place to be sharing it at all.

2) No posting any quiz results, forwards or anything along those lines here.

3) LJ cuts (see here if you are unsure how to use them) are absolutely necessary for any post containing multiple pictures or long bodies of text.

4) Any posts containing images with ANY nudity MUST be behind a cut and accompanied by a clear warning.

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